FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes In America


The data on anti-white hate crimes may be so flawed as to be useless.

In following the news, there have been quite a few “hate crimes” against white people that were not written up as hate crimes, but rather as robberies gone bad and so forth..

Daily Caller

A new FBI report indicates that hate crimes committed against white Americans are the fastest growing racial hate crimes in the United States.

The FBI report on 2016 Hate Crime Statistics shows that in 2016, there were 876 reported anti-white hate crime offenses in the United States. In 2015, this number was 734, indicating a 19.34 percent increase.

There were more racial hate crime offenses altogether in 2016 compared to 2015.

There were 4,029 single-bias incidents that targeted “Race/Ethnicity/Ancestry” in 2015, compared to 4,229 in 2016.

Anti-Hispanic or Latino hate crimes also increased in 2016. In 2015, the number of offenses targeting…

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Gary Yarbrough on Women

Gary Yarbrough's Blog

Gary sent me this old article that he sent a reply to that was published. Gary believes, and states in his reply, that there would not be a Cause without women. We each have our place, and man and woman belong together, but women can also be strong and an asset….we don’t just belong in the kitchen 🙂 You have to scroll down just a bit to see his reply to this outrageous article….


article2 Gary’s reply

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Check Out our new Noble Kindred Charities Site

 Building A Better Future For Tomorrow

Please be patient as we build a wonderful site/under construction

Our Project

 We know that the youth are the ones who hold the keys to tomorrow. We are the ones who must pave the way. The morals and virtues of family need to be returned. The family unit as a whole is being washed out by society they are forgetting the importance of such a thing. Every move we make, every example we give, all the words we speak they soak in. Quality time questions and interactions need to become a part of every day like they once were we need to step away from social media, tv, video games, and cell phones and ipods and pay attention to whats going on. Children need to be shown love, responsibility, honesty and dedication. They deserve nothing less. We as the example they learn from need to be what we want them to become. Our new children’s site goes back in time and provides fun activities for families to do at home affordable projects that most can find what they need in there garage and just laying around. The entire family can sit down and learn, listen and build. and have fun at the same time and times like those can never be taken from anyone. Family is the foundation of everything lets keep that foundation strong and sound lets get our families back. You can visit our web page at.

 nbkids.noblekindredcharities.com / or norsekidsnbk.wordpress.com

Noble POW Behind The Wire is our Cell Mail Project where others can reach out to prisoners who are incarcerated. They write and draw and our goal is to have them help us and share with us what got them where they are and how it can be avoided . Many have alot to share about the choices they have made and don’t want to see our youth follow in that path and want to help in the effort of building a stronger and better future for tomorrow. Our prisoners hold volumes of knowledge hearts full of love and many feel alone and would love some interaction with the out side world. Helping to build our future will help them to feel better and stronger and to build there self esteem. We try and send them writing supplies and sometimes they may need some help in situations if you would like to help in our efforts and would like to donate  you can visit the behind the wire website to get there institution information to do so if you would like to help by sending writing supplies please email us in our contact form and we will provide you the info to send your donation to us. We understand times are rough so even a hand full of envelopes and stamps goes a long long way. If you have a prisoner who fits our project email us as well all prisoners are vetted no sexual charges of any degree what so ever please they will not be added.

 noblepowbehindthewire.noblekindredcharities.com / or  noblepowbehindthewire.com

Its that time of year when people need warm clothing and hearty food it is our goal to try and meet those needs the very best we can. With the help of everyone we can move mountains hopefully save lives and instill hope in those who feel all is lost. We love going out into our communities across the country and putting smiles on the faces of so many. if you would like to send a clothing donation please contact us and we will try and even help with the shipping to one of our communities. If you have a few dollars you would like to donate to go towards food for the less fortunate you can do so on the contact and donations page. Please be specific in your info and details of your donation so every cent is applied to the cause you are wanting to help. We also try and help families who are struggling to pay their bills if we can. It’s going to take us all to move mountains they do not move themselves and they do not go away. The time is now that we must build a better future for tomorrow. Thank you in advance from us all at Noble Kindred Charities…

Our Goal is to help to touch as many people as we can! To Build that future we all want to see. Its not something that can continue to be put off thinking it will fix itself. Everyone and Anyone who wants a better tomorrow needs to get involved with today. Coming soon our Veterans Projects this is a key group we plan to help as much as we are able no veteran should be sleeping in gutters or going with out food. they deserve every bit of help we and others can provide. With out there dedication and sacrifices we wouldn’t have the ability to help or reach out to anyone in this great country they deserve the same dedication in return! Please help us to help all we can!

Tens of thousands demand ‘White Europe’ at mass rally in Poland

Remember The 14 Words

Tens of thousands of Poles marched across downtown Warsaw on Saturday, in an independence-day procession organised by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims.

The largely young crowd shot off Roman candles and many chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from Hungary, Slovakia and Spain and waved flags and symbols that those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.


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Why Hatred Of Whites Is Here To Stay.

Remember The 14 Words

Not so long ago, mere mention of the deliberate murder of whites in South Africa—country folk and commercial farmers, in particular—was called “racist.” “Raaacist!” the media collective brayed when candidate Trump retweeted a related “white genocide” hashtag.

It’s still “racist” to suggest that the butchering of these whites, almost daily, in ways that beggar belief, is racially motivated. Positively scandalous is it to describe the ultimate goal of a killing spree, now in its third decade, thus: the ethnic cleansing of white, farming South Africa from land the community has cultivated since the 1600s.


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Thought Id Take A Minute

Well It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything so I thought I would go ahead and give an update on everything we have going on. Many of our family members are die hard face book fans but as most know My Husband and I don’t use Face book any more. It has become too decisive and distracting Most of the time not to mention I think it allows to much access to people in general people get careless and to carried away and say things they shouldn’t that can get them and anyone else around into trouble. But it is a good way to stay up to date on some things and provide a better communication line between one another I just wish more would continue those communication efforts away from face book and other social media as well.


Well over the last few months we have been working on all sorts of things. Raney and I have put together both our efforts for our POWs and created Our new POW website called Noble POW Behind the Wire. We combined her POW cell mail program and our want to be able to provide a reliable news letter updating our POWs on events and just everyday things. When the site has all of its bugs worked out it will give the families of POWs the ability to communicate with one another through a blog and even through a website messaging app. To give one another more support, information and just an all around better support foundation in general. We hope to receive the support from our folk with donations for writing supplies and postage for our POWs. Every POW is given the opportunity to write there own short bio and even submit their own writings for the news letter so others can hear their thoughts.

The many POWs need to be reminded they are not forgotten and that we remember they are behind the wire and their families need the reminder as well. To many are in the system for doing things to better our folk and so many no one even knows who they are or what they have done. The Web site will make there contact info available so others may write them.  Many do not understand how much a letter means to them. Remember things we take for granted they long for. They deserve to have some support. We encourage our folk to reach out and get to know them even if each person just picks one they need the interaction of like minded folk even more so than the rest of us. We also encourage if any one wants to help these POWs financially that you send any donations to the POWs prison facility directly yourself. That leaves no room for error or doubt or ulterior motive accusations. We understand that there are some who would rather not give these prison institutions their info by sending in donations to the POWs if that is an issue please contact us so we can make other arrangements for you we would hate to see any of them not receive support for this reason.

Every POW is sent an introduction letter from us with an explanation of what it is we are doing with a authorization letter for them to sign if they are interested in our program before they will be added we must have there consent we do not want to cause any harm to any of them in any way.   Non of their information will ever be used as advertisement. There information will never be used publicly off of the website itself unless they themselves ask for us to help support some sort of fund raising or legal situation. Do to the continued efforts of the justice system to silence and keep our POW beyond there sentencing dates and the number of injustices that have occurred now and in the past we have mad the choice that we will not have any part of giving the justice system more ammunition to hurt and hold these POW old or new. Our job is to offer them a stable support system free from outsiders looking for a reason to make there time worse. Some situations Require Voice and Active involvement from every angle and this is usually in a situations Like Jacob Goodwin. Whom we are supporting any way we can. But other situations where the POW is already behind the wire and every persons actions even on the outside will effect them. Things that we may think are harmless could keep them from being released so please keep that in mind when getting involved with any of our POWs.


Many of our POWs write and draw and there stuff will also be showcased on the POW site. The website address is  http://noblepowbehindthewire.com/




      Raney has also started a Children’s Odin based educational and interactive web page and would love more following away from face book. You can find the web site at  https://norsekidsnbk.wordpress.com/ she added activities and recipes and much more. Please visit .


The Newest addition to our many projects is we have applied for our Non Profit and hopefully with in the next few weeks we will be up and running We are very excited and look forward to everything we will be able to accomplish with this. We have refocused our selves and have put every bit of our efforts into making things positive and better we refuse to be brought down by the continued divisive behaviors and drama and our hopes are that everyone else will soon do the vary same use your knowledge to build and be positive be the examples that are needed to over come. Stop allowing all the hate within our people to spread and destroy.



Check in to all our sites to stay informed

Next an update on Stay Noble Wear, We will continue to offer the same stuff we always have. Most of our orders are custom made for the most part. In order to have the non profit that will ultimately do wonderful things all political anything has been removed and the online store has been updated to support all of our projects positively. But the normal custom or even other merchandise will be available all you have to do is email me. staynoblewear@gmail.com. We have been having many issues with our orders and the post office our hope is that with the new updates and efforts this will come to an end soon.

well I hope everyone is as excited as we are with all the new additions to our efforts.

The Hard Right

The Roper Report

(For the record, Billy Roper and Brad Griffin agree on this issue.)

by Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent

“In hindsight, I will admit that many of the “1.0s” were right to be skeptical of the Unite the Right rally. It was predicted at the time that the unity we hoped to achieve in Charlottesville wouldn’t last two weeks. There had been countless attempts to hold these unity events in the past. Every previous attempt to foster unity in the White Nationalist movement had been defeated by personalities jockeying for position. The “1.0s” were also extremely skeptical of inviting the Alt-Lite to participate. They were right on that score as well as the fallout showed the Alt-Lite was solely about promoting brands.”

“It is a waste of time to appeal to normal people who are individualists and materialists. We should be appealing to angry, alienated, disaffected people who are persuadable with optics…

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