I’m sick of hearing about it

Everyday I wake up to some story about a poor guy or girl who was deported . oh they have been her so long with out committing any crime. Really is everyone so ignorant , The whole damn time they have been here they have been committing a crime. whole groups of them. They run at the thought of immigration coming so they are well aware of that which they are guilt so how in the hell can they stand up and say I’ve been wrongly deported. after 19 years. come on really after 19 years you should have respected the government which you have disrespected for the last 19 years that has fed you and your family enough to become a legal citizen. why should you be free of paying taxes and not  held accountable for your actions. Why should you get free health care when my mother who spent her whole life dedicated to teaching life saving measures and her herself saving lives have to suffer do to health care costs and changes and ultimately passed away do to horrible health care circumstances in this country. Why should you be handed free money to start a business when those like me are struggling to stay a float and can’t get even a loan that I would pay back. when will the ignorance stop when will people start carting about those who are citizens that fight for everything they have while illegal immigrants parade around with the world in the palm of their hand disrespecting the hard working Americans. while there kids grow up to be even more disrespectful gang bangers and drug dealers.

Anti-White Meme Goes Viral

Aryan Street


Let’s just say I have this friend.  My friend has a client.  The client is a lovely White, professional woman of child-bearing age.  There’s only one problem.  The client is a race-mixer.

She married a negro.  While she worked and went to school, he was the “househusband”.  He became a raging alcoholic.  He shoplifted even though they had money to buy the items he stole.  He PUNCHED the dog repeatedly when he has detoxing from alcohol.  When he wanted to punish himself for drinking again, he shaved half his head.

Okay so even after kicking him out of her life, she is not racially aware.  My friend has brought up a couple of topics in the hope that she can wake this chick up.  (I know, you guys don’t want her back, but my friend is thinking about White children)

Now, this is the good part and what I hope…

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Facts about the Matt Hale case

The Roper Report

by Evelyn Hutcheson

I am Matthew Hales mother. Does anyone care that our corrupt justice system (Federal court system) in this case and the government (FBI) has locked away an innocent man for 40 years because he stood for and believed in the First Amendment, (Freedom of Speech) without any evidence? Matt was tried and convicted in Federal court in Hammond, Indiana in 2005 for having solicited the murder of Chicago Federal Judge Joan Lefkow. James T. Moody was the judge in the trial. No evidence was ever presented during the trial that Matt ever asked anyone to commit murder. Matt is an innocent man who has suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, the FBI and our corrupt justice system.

The government had Tony Evola, a government informant which they paid $75,000 of our tax money to tape conversations with Matt over a 2 year period to attempt…

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A Request From Matt Hale

The Roper Report

by Evelyn Hutcheson, Matt Hale’s mother.
Friends and Supporters: I received a letter from Matt and he is firm in his belief that Steve Bannon is important in his request for receiving a Presidential Pardon. He said that the Jews are trying to push Bannon out of the Whitehouse, attempting to make President Trump their puppet. Matt asks that you send Steve Bannon a letter explaining that Matt is an innocent man and asking him to review the trial transcript where he will find that Matt committed no crime and that no evidence was presented at his trial that he ever committed any crime. Also add that Matt has suffered for over 13 years in solitary confinement for a crime he never committed and that it is time for him to be freed. Matt asked that you make 10 copies of your letter and mail one each week for ten weeks. Put…

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Anti-White leftists combat trained by police for Civil War II.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

In Phoenix, Arizona, anti-White leftists who are members of the ‘John Brown Gun Club’ are undergoing firearms and combat shooting instruction by local law enforcement officers. Maricopa County Sheriff deputies secretly lead these violent insurrectionists, who take their name from the murderous rebel who raided a Federal government weapons arsenal in Virginia in order to try to kick off a violent revolution and White genocide, into the desert, and teach them how to kill White people.

Once they posted videos of their training online, it was easy enough for pro-White activists to follow them out into the desert, where their combat training was observed and photographed. Afterwards, the scene of their impromptu firing range was canvassed. Along with all of the other trash and garbage they left behind in typical leftist fashion was a receipt for their breakfast…for which one of them, the County Sheriff’s deputy…

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Why Whites Stay In Southern California

Aryan Street

I’m writing this in response to White Nationalists who say California is a lost cause and can’t understand why some of us insist on staying here.  I have even heard some write (on the internet, Jews maybe?) things such as, California should be obliterated.  You do realize that as of 2010 there were over 15 million Whites (not hispanic) living in California right?  There must be at least 10 million left.

I titled this thread “Why Whites Stay In Southern California” because I’m told that Northern California is very different…almost like a different country so I don’t feel like I can speak for Northern Californians.

First (but not most important) we stay for jobs, wealth and business opportunities.  Anywhere there’s a hub of activity, there’s a chance we will be able to support ourselves and possibly a family.  Living in close proximity to wealth can be advantageous in terms of business opportunities as wealthy…

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