You Know That Feelings,                             

I spent my weekend pretty quiet and extremely disappointed. You know that feeling of wanting to give up…. well I’m there. I’m tiered and what’s the point, everyone says they wanna help but when people ring those bells or call those meeting protests groups what ever it may be we are basically left with a small group of maybe a dozen. Or no one follows through. Everything I do somehow goes back to our movement but I’m killing myself for what? For others to talk shit, for others to try and take away what I’ve worked so hard to build, not for me but for those I do it for like sick kids and political prisoners families in need ect. I sure don’t do it for the money because everything I do goes to some fundraiser or charity in this movement. I don’t have a new house my husband and I live with my father in law to take care of him. We don’t have new cars they are a 1995 that hasn’t ran in two years and a 1985 Chevy truck that we are lucky if runs for a week at a time. I want our folk to be happy to fight to protect and to love. Instead it’s bickering drama and lies hate and attacks. It’s division instead of unity over 25 years I’ve been in this lost family friend s and more for what I believe. I just do not understand why a folk so beautiful would not want to stand up for it. If all would step do you have any idea the sound that would thunder instead we let ourselves look broken and weak. We are world wide but yet we act as if we are ants in cities of elephants. I remember concerts and rallies in my youth bigger than any antifa turn out and even if it wasn’t it sure sounded like it was and could be heard. One of my favorite sayings is ” Better to die with honor than live in shame because you didn’t defend your people ” I myself truly believe that. Have we grown so soft and weak we can’t even stand up when we know we are right we can’t even rise above the sounds of our enemies to be heard? I don’t understand where it all went we are a people of pride so fuckin be proud be heard and never regret your choice you want to continue you want to win then it’s time to stand up and take the wheel and lead by example or get out of the way. Be a voice that’s heard or shut your mouth, Love who you are and those like you if you can’t then why destroy everyone or thing else that is. I remember a time when a skinhead could travel to any state and make a call if they needed some help and the closest Comrade would come running to help open up their homes and do what ever it took to help you just because of who you were and what you believed. Now we can’t even be sure if anyone is real or if they will be someone who causes drama because they think they are better than you. The honor and the loyalties and the true pride has be lost along the way and instead of conforming to the chaos it’s time to look for that we have lost and give it an upgrade. Don’t say it if you can’t do it. Because hollow promises like saying you will be some place and not show leaving someone’s life in danger because you have left them out numbered. I understand families and responsibilities are priority but honestly they should all go hand in hand. So ce we are doing this whole 14 words thing for the future correct? Or am I wrong there as well. Or is it let’s make as much money as possible no matter who or what or how you get there. I was unclear that it was ever a race to the top just as I’m unclear how any one gal or guy can claim the are the founder or leader of a whole race of folk or of any sub family of that race . We have elders for a multiple of reason to teach to honor to teach loyalty to show pride and to have to answer to someone other that ourselves. So they can teach and others can be taught. So none ever stand alone. To teach humility and none ever disrespected those more elder than them selves no matter where they came from. These days it’s a power play and whites blood being spilt by there own brothers and sisters because they want control. Bad mouthing, attacking, destroying. I just do not understand. Walls are built bonds are made with great progress and one of our own will be the one to try and tear it down long before the enemy gets a chance at it. So what is it that our folk really want do we want defeat? Do we want magic? Do we wanna go back to preschool and play house. I mean truly what is it you or any of you truly want? Don’t worry about answering me just be real with your self and if you come to see things you don’t like make a change and point yourself in the right direction no one person. Can save us WE ALL NEED TO SAVE US.

Warning What Follows Is Going To Be some what Disturbing, As it should Be

So I am going to Go at this BLM nonsense in a very different direction to maybe shed some light on those who are so blinded or ignorant to the truth of things. Every so often you will hear a story in the new about some young white person that has done some horrible act of cruelty and even taken the life of one of their own and yes even that of their child. But we as a whole do not condone and will shun go after and in some cases there have been those that take the law into their own hands to make the point that we will not tolerate that sort of disturbing behavior especially when it comes to our children. We will without second thought out an individual that brings dishonor to our folk and run them out. We do not make excuses nor will we hide or cover up those actions. We allow the law to do what it must and even then if we feel it has not done enough we will speak out and push that more should be done. As a whole we strive to continue and protect our future and the children who will be in it.

If a race can not do that for their own future and not care for those whom carry on then why in the world should they or any other bleeding heart think we should. I am a mother of 2 and step mother of 4 along with 4 very beautiful grand daughters and a grandson on the way. I could not imagine anyone ever hurting any of them or their other parent or parent ever doing so either. I couldn’t imagine anyone of my friends or folk I am close to ever doing so to their own, to be honest even with in our own the enemies i have I would never ever think they would hurt their children either for the most part even they are honorable to their children and the futures that lay ahead for them. It’s just something we as a folk love and protect for the most part.

upon going through some sites or streams i go through every so often because i am very big on knowing what our foes are up to and where they are at in the things they do so I am somewhat prepared for what may come. There is this one man I watch often because he does report every instance of what follows regularly. Very informative and very uncut and never altered in any way. Every one is so against us whites loving our own and protecting our future and not wanting our children to mix with others outside our own. Well what follows is exactly why I do not want mine contaminated with any of their culture or way of living. There is no excuse for the actions of these mothers or fathers absolutely none. If you think I’m wrong for not wanting animals like this among our children then I feel sorry for you when your child is touched by this horror or removed by it from life. The many videos that follow are very disturbing and will make some extremely upset. But please watch I want people to understand what it is they are protecting and fighting so hard for and have turned their backs on their own folk for and the lies they are helping to spread about these heartless animals. Lets not go to the crimes committed against our own because that after this you will expect because any people wo can do this to their own futures will never care what they do to ours.










please understand these are all in the last 2 years and this is only maybe a tiny hand full of them you can look your self. Stories of moms shooting their children i the back putting children in freezers. Way kind of culture is this I know i want no part of it and do not want it anywhere near my folk. So all you people who keep protecting these animals wake up before it happens to you or someone you love if they can’t have a heart to not murder their own children what in the hell makes you think they give a damn about you. Love your folk and protect them from this horrible reality.


I spent my night thinking, a friend of mine had asked me why I continue to do the things I do and how I can stay doing after being treated the way I have by some. Well my answer is very simple… Because it is not about me! I started in this fight many years ago, I was young and crazy but my heart has always been in this. I love who I am and where I am from. I am proud of my own and I love my children. I have learned that people do things out of ignorance. I’ve been called every name I’ve been threatened And so on but what they do not realize is no one will ever change where my heart is even if someone was to take my life they will never take away my hearts place.

I continue for my children and even my enemies children because even if they are to blinded by ignorance to see the negative they are putting on our own even they and there children deserve to exist and hopefully they will see that. I continue because of all the wonderful folk of all patches crews and religions amongst our folk that I’ve met. we are a beautiful folk and we deserve to continue. love your folk and fight for what you love. have a great weekend guys.