I’m sick of hearing about it

Everyday I wake up to some story about a poor guy or girl who was deported . oh they have been her so long with out committing any crime. Really is everyone so ignorant , The whole damn time they have been here they have been committing a crime. whole groups of them. They run at the thought of immigration coming so they are well aware of that which they are guilt so how in the hell can they stand up and say I’ve been wrongly deported. after 19 years. come on really after 19 years you should have respected the government which you have disrespected for the last 19 years that has fed you and your family enough to become a legal citizen. why should you be free of paying taxes and not  held accountable for your actions. Why should you get free health care when my mother who spent her whole life dedicated to teaching life saving measures and her herself saving lives have to suffer do to health care costs and changes and ultimately passed away do to horrible health care circumstances in this country. Why should you be handed free money to start a business when those like me are struggling to stay a float and can’t get even a loan that I would pay back. when will the ignorance stop when will people start carting about those who are citizens that fight for everything they have while illegal immigrants parade around with the world in the palm of their hand disrespecting the hard working Americans. while there kids grow up to be even more disrespectful gang bangers and drug dealers.