What Makes Us Us


So I get asked quit often about the unity and loyalty with in our family. How we are able to maintain such positive relationships without conflict between one another and how do we maintain such a positive relations with other families or groups even when they may be a little different . That’s a very loaded question I realize that to some it doesn’t appear to be but it is very much just that.  My family is full of men and woman from several different areas of this movement all taught different. When we decided to create Noble Breed about 8 of us sat down and thought about all the thing that contributed to the fall or break ups with in any organization or family we each were at one time associated with. All those things we then in turn addressed directly in our By Laws. The one thing that we all made very clear was that this family would be different. We each made the choice that above all else with in an organization was that this movement and it’s folk would be the most important of all, above religion , above hate, above recognition, above personal likes or dislikes. That no matter where an idea comes from as long as it is positive and contributed good to our goal would would stand behind it support it and be as active as we could be. Not one member of our family is in this to make a name for our selves we do not have to attack or defend anyone else who is working for the same cause we are. If recognition was our goal i could sit here for quite along time and list all that we do. But it doesn’t matter as long as what we have done matters to a person it has affected with in our cause. I my self have built up some amazing friendships between people across the world because we choose to stay on the side of what matters instead of what make us famous.

                        We stand solid behind those we have built friendships with weather it be silently or hands on. Even in the face of a threat or chaos we stand even if the rain is coming down so hard it should be driving us away. we stand with those whom we support in some of their darkest hours if it demands it. And we care not what outsiders looking in see or have to say. Loyalty and strength is two of the most powerful tools in building. Even in the face of question we will protect those we stand behind. unless they have turned traitors against our cause we will remain with them to help them to over come any thing that could come their way.

                            As a family we treat each other just as that we love them in right and in poor choices we strive to help them over come what ever tries to destroy them. We defend one another above all others and if we call you part of our family you will be treated with that same respect. We never lie to one another We stick to the laws we created. We do not care what others think of us nor do we care how we may appear because we stand behind others who are under attack. With me comes my Family Just as with any member. Relationships with in this movement have been stretched to the limit and pulled apart and we refuse to allow that to destroy our family. many have tried and failed miserably.

It’s a sad day when so many are driven buy fame and a name instead of folk and the survival of our folk. We have no problems ever being in the shadows or being silent its what we have always done. And have no problem continuing to do so. We are a family of our beliefs and stay Loyal to one another at any cost that may come at any attack that may try. We are who we are for our selves and our children not for anyone else. and that is how we will remain because if it is not that which drives us there is no point and we would be lost. And no matter the threat we face it together even if it may make us look bad if we know we are right. i will let you be the judge i ask you how many of us do you think there is