Germany: Thousands Wearing “I love Hitler” T-Shirts in Festival — American national socialist

A police probe is underway after thousands of young National Socialists wearing ‘I love Hitler’ T-shirts and shouting ‘heil’ in a German town for a “Rock against Foreign Domination” festival. More than 6,000 members of nationalist descended on Themar in the German state of Thuringia to watch 12 patriotic bands performing. Revellers were seen performing the Hitler salute and […]

via Germany: Thousands Wearing “I love Hitler” T-Shirts in Festival — American national socialist

Not All

Not all are warriors,
Not all are profits,
Not all are scholars,
Nor leaders, or followers,
Not all hold true to that they say.
If they are so willing to let it sway.
Not all are evil,
Not all are mad..
Many just hurt and angry,
Mostly just sad.
Not all are perfect
Not all are true,
Not all are eager,
Not all are new.
Not all can build, write, or draw.
Not all know the answer to their call.
Many still lost,
And programmed to consume.
The vile and hate their pushed to assume.
Not all pay attention,
Or even care.
Not all would fight,
Even if dared.
Most know our history has vanished.
Thus the behavior becomes outlandish.
Maybe to you, all in the wrong.
But you’ve been programmed all along.
Not all see the hate, and distain.
They are simply just trying to remain.
A relavent want, is that so bad?
To honour and cherish folks from the past?
Not all will see it as it should,
Not will be understood.
Not all will see what it’s meant to be.
Nor will you ever until you are free.
Unplugged from the currents,
And disregarding the vail.
Wake up to the reality,
Of our living hell!



Noble Charities Event For Wigs For Kids


On a lighter note Today we had our first Wigs for Kids charity event penny drive! We took all the clothes and things donated out to a Lower income part of town and put a penny price tag on everything all hygiene all clothing and anything else we had. Wigs for Kids is a event where every 500 pennies we collect purchases a wig for a child fighting cancer and the best of all puts a smile on their face. I know 61.07$ does not seem like a lot of money but when each thing is only a penny it shows a lot! Last year we raised over 500 dollars for this event our hopes is to get more than that this year. We enjoyed spending time with our family members today. This was only our first event so we have many more to come.