I am a firm Believer That in order to Build something great a person must recognize the things that are a distraction and standing in the way. That if your heart is what is leading you and you are true to what you believe you will always one day find your way. The thing is how long do you plan for it to happen? When will you clean out the hallway that stands between you and your ability to make it happen. As a folk we all say that we want the same out come that being   “We must secure the existence of our race and a future for white children.” That’s it the Bottom line in 14 words! You know those evil words we are judge for those evil words that repetitively mark us on the map. Those words That many a folk are sitting behind the wire for and buried in the ground for…. You Know them right? Or do you? 

 Many of us repeat them on a daily basis, But do you listen to yourself when you say them do you remember them when you make your choices through out those same days? My guess no my observation is Yes Many of us do, but sadly there are those that do not or at least they have forgotten. Or they have been so caught up in the self destruction that has infected our folk from one side of the world to the other. It has turned sister against sister Brother against Brother and bottom line white against white. We spend so much time being consumed by our own desire to be accepted or to be the next news paper or news channels star for hate that everyone is forgetting.

 Its like the out break of some horrific disease that spreads like fire among st our folk. It is the biggest weapon against ourselves and the enemy isn’t even the one in possession. How sad is that? I mean really think about it. How many Organizations and groups have fallen from with in how many are no more because of infighting and selfish behavior. How many have fallen to ruble because of greed and deceit? How many have allowed their greed to destroy something great and Beautiful?

 Their will always be traitors with in us that is just something that always takes place with in anything. But When we start putting ourselves before our Cause Is when things begin to unravel. I have watched this happen over and over again like a broken record over the years. Things will get strong and great and it will look like our cause is going some place. And then it happens some one gets Jealous or consumed by envy so much that they start to want to be in the spot light not caring or even acknowledging who they stomp on or destroy on the way. They decide they are bigger than the cause instead of the cause being bigger than them. THIS CAUSE WILL ALWAYS BE BIGGER AND GREATER THAN ANY ONE PERSON GROUP OR ORGANIZATION! the reason for this cause will always be more than any one of us! 

  When we start accepting the things that are unacceptable the foundation start to crumble underneath our very feet. When we turn a blind eye to what we know is wrong and say nothing our own integrity is being destroyed. 

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 When we sacrifice our own integrity to stand with who is popular we are building nothing but a false front. When they lie to build the structure will come crashing down at some point. EVERYTHING THAT IS CREATED IN DARKNESS WILL SOMEDAY COME TO LIGHT! It may not be that day or even that year but it will come. This cause is a voice for our children and their future nothing more that that is the bottom line. When you Lie Cheat Steal or do things to dishonor your self and your folk you are destroying what men have given their lives and freedom to build and protect. When you disrespect other folk you are spitting in their face. When you falsely used them to line your pockets you are endangering their lives and tarnishing there memories and the sacrifices they made for you and every other person with in our great cause.  

 Remember when you make your choices and are trying to decide which way to go decide which direction is right and i mean right for our cause then remind yourself-         ” 15. No greater motivating force exists than the certain conviction that one is right.” And when you are trying to determine if someone is being honest remember  “12. Truth does not fear investigation. “

  Stop living in a internet world and live your life in the real living breathing world reach out to your folk interact get involved with your community start building solid relationships be the example of what we are show everyone watching that.


Petition for Gary

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Folks, my heart has truly been moved. Life has been a little rough here lately, been having some health issues; however this boy brought a smile to my face. This teenage boy, Jared, started a petition for Gary! This totally warmed my heart and made me smile! Thank you so much, Jared. Please support him in his endeavors to try to help Gary


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Update on Gary’s Health

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The situation with Gary and his health is growing even worse. I am uploading some paperwork he sent me. They have NOT taken him out for his blood letting, which he could die from too much iron in his body and poisoning him. They have not banned anymore of the aneurysms. They have done nothing for his cataracts. Here is the paperwork he sent me. It is very important that we help Gary with this. He fought and sacrificed for us, it is our turn to help him. You can help by joining in thisNo response from Warden on Gary’s medical situation, which is a letter campaign to the regional BOP office. I haven’t gotten back a response on the letter I sent, so by next week, I will be going to the next level in the chain of command.

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What is Happening to our Freedom of Speech by Gary Yarbrough

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It was reported on televised news that Don Black’s website “StormFront” was taken offline, as was Tom Metzger’s website, “The Insurgent”! As much as I detest both of these miscreants, the fourth estate, including the internet medium has made a serious error in judgement by removing these websites. If there is anyone left who doubts that the occupation forces do not covertly control all of the medias, this act should alleviate that doubt entirely. There is no doubt that the medias of this nation work hand in hand wiht the occupational government. “The Media” is truly the “fourth estate” of government, all of them. This censorship of Freedom of Speech is directed solely at our Folk, regardless of the fact that it targeted two miscreants that I believe are poseurs and agent provocateurs for the occupational government. If they are not, well they missed an opportunity to get paid for…

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Justice by Gary Yarbrough

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Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine utilized “natural rights” theory to justify revolution. The “Declaration of Independence” (1776) is a classic expression of natural right: “We hold these TRUTHS to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their creator with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS – that to SECURE these RIGHTS, governments are instituted among men, DERIVING their JUST POWERS from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED – that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.”

Unfortunately, when these words were penned, the equality of “men” only applied to the upper class white aristocracy and elite, not to…

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