Bullying, Violence, Suicide, and Guilt

I have had the chance to sit down with my husband’s beautiful 15 year old daughter who I will proudly call mine as well, to discuss the above topics. With several conversations ending in us both being in tears and me asking what it is she wants to do about it.

She wants to help spread awareness and teach parents and their children to reach out and that it’s OK. She wants to address many teenage issues that we as parents need to be aware of so over the next several week we will be doing everything we can to get stories and info out their any teens who would like to contribute is welcome to do just that.we can’t do this with out hearing it from their mouths.

I will be revealing many mind blowing things that have broken me down to a level where I’m in shock. White males and girls are the main victims. If we can’t save our youth then what are we here for?

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