The Movement is Dead, Long Live the Folk Cause by David C Tate

Writting by DAVID TATE

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Here it is in PDF format, all you have to do is click on the link. If you haven’t read David Tate’s “The Movement is Dead..Long Live the Folk Cause, you really need to! David does not mind people sharing his works, they are meant for Folk to read. I had referred many to this article, so I wanted to make it available for people to read. It truly is a wonderful article with a lot of truth in it! It was originally published in the National Free Press. As it states at the top of the article that there is permission to publish this article, as long as credit is given to the author (David C. Tate) and National Free Press. I ask David though and he told me to feel free to share any of his works, that is why he writes them, for Folk to read…

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Eulogy to Gary Yarbrough by David C. Tate

David Tate did a beautiful Job on this. I urge everyone to read share and listen to what he has to say. This is somethingvthat could change the dirrection of your existence.

Gary Yarbrough's Blog

David Tate wrote a eulogy for Gary. They were very close, and it hurt David, when Gary passed away. I ask David, since him and Gary were so close, if he could write a eulogy for Gary, and here it is. He did a wonderful job, and I cried. Thank you so much, Brother. After getting to know David, since Gary passed, I see how strong of a man David is, and I have come to truly treasure his friendship. Christ is King!


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My Biggest Fear: Arming Teachers With Guns

Here is the thought process of individuals that i am blown away by. Did parents ever thing maybe they should start being parents for once so their kids know how to act when a teacher isnt present. And the writter admits she was not there but the class room full of misbehaving teens are a reliable source. So because of a situation she was not there for going of the words of kids with abviously no basic fundimentals about good behavior she now thinks no one should be armed in the schools. She must not like her children to want to leave them unprotected during the next government orchestrated school shooting. Yep the future is looking more and more like mars every day!

Samantha Grimm

My biggest fear: Arming teachers with Guns

Last month we were forced to bear witness to the loss of 17 innocent lives as yet another armed shooter opened fire on a high school in Parkland, Florida.

And for once, it seems that the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been able to spark a legitimate, constructive conversation about policy changes to address the problem at hand.

Unfortunately, one suggested policy change is to arm our public-school teachers with guns.

And as someone who has had a teacher wave a knife in front of the class in threat, I quite literally think there is no idea worse than protecting schools with more guns.

I know what you’re thinking? No way! No way you had a teacher that did such a thing.

And you’re right! He wasn’t just a teacher. He was the AP/IB Coordinator for my High School. AKA…

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What are we fighting for?

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I know what I am Fighting for absolutely the future of my children and yours! I give every bit I can to help those in need, To put a smile on someone’s face, To feed someone who is hungry, to help shelter those who are out in the cold. The only way to do that is to SIMPLY DO IT! But yet when there are calls for help no one answers. I myself couldn’t go on with my days if i simply just kept clicking through post after post or step over the top of a young homeless white child Im not built that way! I was taught to build my own help them when they are down teach them when they are not educated and help to show them the way. As time goes by I see so many spending there days breaking down one another screaming unity unity while they attack a brother or sister. Acting like they are above those who have stumbled placing judgement as if they are a God. Ignoring those calls for help and those in need. Over the last several months Myself and others have thought about throwing in the towel because really with all the bull shit we wonder what kind of people are we fighting for……. Selfish, heartless, judgmental assholes? Who the hell wants to save that?

But then I am reminded of the children who haven’t been shown the way yet they deserve for us to fight and then I remember the pows they deserve for us to fight. I never thought anything would ever make me question my fight but sadly those days have come and probably will again every time i see everyone doing nothing. I don’t care what anyone says about me or anyone else thats not why im here Im not here to make any one happy or be some perfect individual and im sure as hell not here for anyone else to decide what anyone else is worth. Not here to catch the blame for anyone’s mistakes i make enough on my own so theirs no need for anyone’s help. So my question is


Why is everyone so damn focused on the destruction rather than the important things Like saving a mothers life. My sister came to me with a charity fund raiser this morning and i started crying as I read the details Because you know what it’s the same story  I myself have lived. My mother was a Paramedic she spent every day saving lives for her insurance not to cover treatments and co pays when her cancer took over and took her from me i was already 18 well imagine being 8 or 10? You can’t can you? well try harder because there are children going through this as we speak and their mother deserves a fighting chance. Her Copay Is $1,700 and she desperately needs some help. And anything helps. Don’t just pass this by this is a mother, a fighter, a lifelong sister in our cause and she needs help.

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Help Us/ A call To Help A Mother


Our sister Brittany Shy McIntyre has been battling some serious Personal Wars. At only 33 she has been diagnosed with Late Stage AML Leukemia. With two small children still at home Carlee age 8 and Chevy age 10. Working as a paramedic she does not qualify for any government or state assistance for help with insurance cost and copays. Treatment Co pay with her current insurance is $1,700 Any and All help with funds would be greatly appriciated.

Brittany spends her days saving strangers lives she deserves the same in return as do her children.

For more information you can contact Raney Or Melissa at ,

you can also contact us at ,

paypal donations can be sent to or you can get a greendot money pak and send the reload information.

Please help us to give these children more time with there mother allow her to watch them grow


To the (Young) Men of the Movement. 

The Women's Fourth Realm

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Speaking as an adult woman with a litany of life experience, just because you raise your right hand in salute to our cause doesn’t mean you aren’t acting like a cuck. I don’t know how many times this needs to be said, but believing in National Socialism isn’t a fad. It is a life-anchoring choice. It is the revision of behavior and thought that fits into a creed that seeks to uphold ideals of chivalry, honor, and loyalty. When you continuously behave as degenerates, you are just a cuck in Hugo Boss clothing. When you continuously behave as attention seeking, sexually driven, goalless children, then you are no better than the individuals you claim to vilify. Not holding yourselves to the values and goals of the Movement means you are treating this ideology like a trending topic instead of a belief structure. If…

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Stop the Poisoning of the Well

The Women's Fourth Realm

We, as women, must cast off the labels that are so readily thrown at us by the left. No, we are not weak. We are not feeble. We do not spend our lives in fear of our male counterparts. No, We do not fear some paleolithic tyranny from our cruel husbands who clunk us over the heads whenever we exit the kitchen. The problem with modern feminism is so overtly hypocritical that it is downright hilarious. We are told that we must stand up against the ‘patriarchy’ by opposing biological female roles which completely negates our value in society.

Society is completely dependent upon female success. Of course there is the obvious fact that without our success our very species cannot continue, but moreover, what modern feminists and liberal ‘sheeple’ don’t grasp is the fact that the dreams, ideals, and goals of women can and does completely shape the movement…

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The Craft of Killing Femininity

The Women's Fourth Realm

Over the years, I have become acutely aware of my crippling self-doubt and self-hatred. I look in the mirror and hate my reflection. I look at my life choices and feel overwhelming shame and despair. Unhealthy and overworked, I often feel like I am everything I don’t want to be. As with all things, I can’t help but ask the ultimate question: Why? Why do I feel so much self-hate? I have friends, people who love me, a career where I can fulfill my natural female inclination to be a caregiver. Why?

Finally, it dawned on me. Why, because I have spent my entire life being indoctrinated by a society that taught me that no matter what I do, how I look, or where I go, I am taught to hate myself.

A culture backed by big Hollywood and media that teaches young girls that they should


physically and socially…

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To My Future Daughter

The Women's Fourth Realm

You were born into a world of peril.
We are all at war.
Honor and tradition
gratification and vicitimization.
Morality and dignitiy
cast against the waves
of immortality.
The truth fading into the dust.

Beware of who you trust.
Friends who preach promiscuity
are the antithesis of femininity.
They thrive on gossip,
take pride in every selfish choice,
and try to steal your voice.
Girls like this are not worthy
of your confidence.
Push them to the side,
despite their thriving social opulance.

Keep a watchful eye
on the modern guy
who claims to show respect,
but spends more time
checking screens
and being obscene
than taking care of you.
There is no amount of love
that will never make him true.

When your leaders
are cheaters, liars, and schemers
who judge you for being the lady
we raise you to be,
remember, you are the future.
Molded from…

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